Whether you are just discovering online psychic readings or you have already had a free psychic reading as a trial, such a service should be seen like any other psychics who use blue crystals for mediumship. For instance, imagine needing a plumber or a door fitter. You do some research upfront, make sure they are experienced with what you need and perhaps get some reviews. The same rule applies when looking for real psychics.


There are a few practices to remember when searching for a free psychic. The specialty and capabilities are obviously the most important considerations. There is more than that though. Fail to do your homework and you risk wasting both time and money. Apart from skills and capabilities, the chemistry you have is critical.


A psychic reading implies a connection – or better said, a vibe. You and your psychic must connect properly. Without good communication, results will not be too impressive. You may not be able to get all the information you need from your reading. All in all, here is a quick list to consider before making a final decision.


Determine what you require


You need to know why you need a chat or a phone psychic reading before you even start searching for online psychics. You cannot reach psychic mediums and claim you are there for the best free online psychic reading. They have no idea which way to go, what kind of clues to search for, or how to interpret the hints coming from your aura and energy.


Therefore, ask yourself – why do you need a cheap psychic reading online? What kind of details are you trying to find? What are you interested in? You need to think about everything upfront. Your intentions should be crystal clear – not just to yourself but also to the psychic. Reaching to a psychic with no intentions will waste both time and money.


Perhaps you have some long-term goals and you need a bit of guidance with them, only to make sure you stick to the path. Perhaps you are trying to find some closure after losing a loved one, and you need to heal from your past wounds. Are you in a relationship that needs improvement? No matter what your reasons are, you need to focus on this thing before contacting famous psychics.


Keep your expectations realistic


If you think a psychic reading will reveal your thoughts, give you lottery numbers, tell you when you will die or your future partner’s name, you are wrong. A psychic is a person just like you – the only difference if they have some extra capabilities and can pick some clues from the world beyond. Your psychic is not a magician.


If you see psychics like the popular culture and media portray them, you are about to face a major disappointment. A free psychic reading is difficult to describe, but try to see it as the result of extremely strong intuition. Moreover, this type of intuition has a few variations regarding how the details and hints are actually perceived.


Indeed, everyone has some sort of intuition. Everyone out there can use their intuition to make decisions. Different people have different types of intuition. Some people have a stronger intuition – simple as that. A psychic goes to another level. They will connect to your energy and get information to reveal unknown elements along your journey.


Become familiar with psychic practices


Online free psychic reading also imply choosing the right practice and modality. Consider an advisor’s set of skills before making a final decision. Psychics access information in a few different ways – some of them are more comfortable than others. Some others can also be a bit more engaging and interesting along the way.


For instance, some psychics rely on different ways to give you the best psychic reading – they rely on energies, while others are able to read past lives and how they influence your current life. Then, different psychics use different tools. Some of them choose tarot cards or runes, while others read the stars, crystals, or provide palmistry. Some others use nothing but their actual skills.


Then, famous psychics and psychic mediums often work with different entities – angels or spiritual guides. Now, if you are not particularly interested in angels, it just does not make sense to discuss with an angel practitioner. The psychic will focus on reading angel messages and help you incorporate such traits – not too useful for you.


On the same note, if you are not a big fan of past lives and you do not really believe in them, you should not choose someone who helps clearing blocks associated with past lives or dealing with karma. At the end of the day, it is essential for you to believe in the process. There are lots of techniques and ideas out there, so find something suitable for your needs.


Pick the right reading format


Your long-term goals with real psychics can help you choose the reading format. What are you trying to achieve, after all? Is this a single session? Is this the only cheap psychic reading you need? Perhaps you are interested in a package of more sessions in order to reach a particular goal. Maybe you want to gain access to the psychic whenever you want – and as much as you want for.


The idea is fairly simple to understand. You have to understand how the psychic works. When you opt for a free phone psychic reading or a chat psychic reading, you will usually be able to book different sessions in no time. You can usually jump into a chat room whenever the psychic is available. Then, you can also find psychics who only provide one-off sessions – or they only work with appointments.


Decide if your personalities match


This aspect is often overlooked, yet it is extremely important when choosing a psychic. This is also the reason wherefore many psychic sites allow a psychic reading free online for a few minutes. Even if the psychic may seem perfect as you read their profile, the truth is your actual connection could be different. If you two cannot vibe, it is pointless to go on.


Real psychics are like other business people. You need to build trust before going with a specific psychic and this is when the personality kicks in. Obviously, the psychic cannot control their personality traits. But if you are going to work with them, you need to match. For example, if a psychic’s voice is driving you mad over the phone, moving forward will be extremely frustrating.


Available budget


This is another important consideration. How much are you willing to pay for your reading? At this point, it depends on who you choose for it. Go to an independent psychic and they will have their own rates – usually per session or per hour. Go to an online portal and most psychics will charge you per minute – a bit more efficient.


You can also find specific packages out there. Now, as you start your reading, it is essential to stick to your budget and not to your psychic. Try to figure out how much time you need with someone in particular – or better said, how much time you can afford. Focus on the content of the reading and not on the ticking clock.


Build a relationship with the psychic


Assuming that you have almost found the perfect psychic for your free online psychic reading, you need to build a relationship with them. This is an extraordinary advantage that lots of people overlook. For instance, some people stick to their $1 psychics for years – both through ups and downs. Some others become friends, but without crossing the professional boundaries.


The better your psychic gets to know you, the more efficient they will be when tapping into your aura and hidden aspects of your life. They will get messages in a clearer manner and can interpret them accordingly, knowing who you are and what you are after. Obviously, it pays off creating such a bond with a skilled advisor if you truly want a magical experience.




Bottom line, online psychics are extremely diversified. Someone’s most suitable advisor may not necessarily be good for someone else and vice versa, hence the necessity to do some research upfront. The actual reading with a professional psychic will be an incredible experience. At the same time, finding a psychic advisor is also a nice experience, as you get to learn more about the industry and what to look for.

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